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    February 26, 2014
    10:30 - 11:01am PST  

the school as well. you knew when lulu . i like it. and these are live pictures from ukraine were scuffles freak out it's the south of the country in crimea between supporters and opponents of the country's interim leadership and arrival crowns besieged the local parliament while in the capital kiev this is just beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection. they started our ride on. it's all true nationalist move closer to power seeking key posts in a new government to be approved or rejected by
chaotic crowds in a forum on the embattled independence square. he had wanted to sleep. these men to the to grasp of the three of twelve why write vigilantes in armored vehicles patrolled the streets of a muslim neighborhood in east london sparking fears of a clash between communities. and. an inquiry into the work of a troika of international and are just traveling eurozone states shows deep flaws in the system as the european parliament admits the bailout has gone to plan. i am the mosque what unites the international arena jace while political shockwaves shaped ukraine it's now the country's south where tensions are the highest for more than ten thousand people
have surrounded the parliament building in crimea has made a cd. and you are now watching live pictures right here from some trouble with the capital of a radio were two factions are rallying for and against the new leadership in. he asked scuffles have been reported announced earlier protesters attempted to storm the building where local lawmakers are deciding on whether the region should break away from ukraine were closely following the situation there on the ground in years reports now of course on the corporate spin off. i did it. right now. granted the one who is now in the meantime in another city given that twenty at around sixty miles away in the city of was this about school which is also to bring second largest seaport up roadblocks and protested and taken place
that's all for the past few days including today but adding from the local administration building. in the past two decades the biggest protests gathered tens of thousands of people they've also elected a new me was known for its progress and views. dance has promised to protect the city. i guess since today was more of the representatives of the likely not only coming to our team it would seem a small group of foreign nationals as well. will it really quickly like i said both sides are now. forcing and right. while. just an awful is in the south of the contents in trouble meanwhile in the capital to
interim leadership is finalizing a list of new cabinet members in the lower half to be approved in a few hours time by crowds in independence square and with the right wing radicals at the forefront of uprising they're lining up for the top jobs is no correspondence at least year jet ski reports. we in the ukraine is in europe's biggest battle. in a vibrancy that is a clip of the rights of the movement of ukraine states its mission. and well something that the revolution here and that with the ousting of president upon which it's needed to be the youngest has a different view. what can i. this is just the beginning. ukraine's resurrection. europe's resurrection. we started our mind. while. what does this selection require the storming of political party offices the torching of politicians houses. and the manhunt for journalists from the get go. he recently offered you work for the whereabouts of a russian journalist from the rt our channel for the cold providing false information so you can see where we are
having now is that the jewish community in the far north and south eastern ukraine thought calm had returned but on tuesday unidentified man tried to set the tone suitable to blake's with multiple channels. each four masked men started throwing explosives at our synagogue at around eleven pm. oh security try to catch the perpetrators of that failed. the reit sector is the quarry and the voice of the uprising but the extent of its involvement in the acts of vandalism and violence walking ukraine now it's hard to better define the attacks are often perpetrated by unidentified not a man fighting for exactly they represent is difficult to work in the street is that there are several armed factions operating under the mighty gotten better now. raising serious concerns about the rise of extremism. just as the symbols of the tragic past resurfaced on the clean streets. we witnessed right now. and very hypocritical
approach to politics especially by the european union european states facing the fight against extremists and the european union is a font extremists who didn't support extremist cult i feel new again. despite what is widely seen as a victory over the receiver to my garden remains intact with that white sector standing firm some of its members leave independence square still go possibility that you'll see in the revamped interior ministry when parliament forms a duty to government on thursday. you're just don't see imported from kyiv ukraine. promises of european financial aid might be welcome in ukraine but within the block the landing program is facing growing criticism in a few years that it's malfunctioning. as the european parliament admits the lighthouse international anderson needs fixing and we find out how the views of the system to watch our full report here
later this hour. for the uk government struggling to contain the rise of islamophobia home some britons are not making the job any easier. a group of activists has started patrolling the streets of east london in armored vehicles claiming the one to protect people from being harassed by radical muslims but some locals fear the campaign is only igniting tension since their first al reports. the time of the debate given that the coating that is in a patrol in town. the hills of the small but makes for a few months and he chose a new tricycle great calling themselves the recent past have responded by holding what they tout christie and two thrones and this patrol comes complete with out a fake who fall through the delivery of the whole thing is almighty. he joins them as they take to the streets in east london we're waiting for. heading
down the whitechapel road what a ticket to god's rule was that from happening well the whole of today. could it be just like the spot writes many of them and is the full the bnp or egm. then he gets differentiate themselves from the squeaks and insist they don't want to be a safety to the findings. i take such is the same way amanda started with ntp has to try and go out the mess and he chose to leave england to their show in sum then visit the great temple would be nice to rest when we are united in rome problems but anyone home on the line. bush demonstrators were carried out the jury of twelve. they are to visit soon. then let's see if it'll be super close the gate into
the good thing it all done by the gate returned to the santa chills that the tiny east london mosque is being singled out by the crease in the child the cricket season the mosque say they feel called to the middle and allowing the patrol had anything by john community relations. our communities and if it was written by his and takes them turning up to head a heap of the country in the home in london but is is it you know there is certainly putting across this piece. a strong western wall the needs to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community. oh why does society. london streets and while there's not much simpler to be found here i can. the booklet it's too loud. i'm sorry. me and i with its own not yet
the thing is it's going to be completely peaceful period which began on an achievement in flat out awful but they often has the potential for trouble. there was wilting is nothing we can do to avoid that topic. yet when they just leave these men is a street rods club of st olds this year and the tilt of the debate. some find it in the snow whipping snow. since a number as the rest of citizen patrols have gone to ground. it's okay if that's the chills actually still pray sing that will likely come in some elite to policing community relations black is in this tight this area of london that despite the chrissy and patrol activity from the simple tells the sake of not taking the bait sarah that for honesty in london. the route the hidden cost of one of israel's most lucrative industries on the country's honestly coming and arms exporting superpower of its test procedures are putting palestinians at risk. now
reporting that after the break. the not to watch ninety international line from on skill is typical of what's happening in ukraine as were closely monitoring the situation for you there well right now as you can see these are not. life like pictures coming on to all of the ukraine in southern ukraine i should say on from the town center off of the capitalist crimea crowds as you can see are demonstrating against the interim government in the capital kiev branded its illegitimate. the protest areas that you are looking at now are calling on local officials to hold a referendum on greater autonomy for the region and stronger ties with russia meanwhile rival protesters supporting the new regime like chanting ukraine is not washed and are trying to block the local parliament and israel in its session several scuffles have broken down already. well here i see
a national low pt is forced to follow all the very latest developments in the city center to stay with us for more updates and also on within the check out our online with your tee up comics creator as well as physical features. between the european parliament has slammed the work of international and there is an admitted to multiple flaws in the eurozone bailout program and it's the report admits that financial institutions have failed in their key goal of protecting eurozone members from collapse. the so called troika of landers is also accused of failing to consult national governments and nearly getting them all to me and store over the reports as a troika lacks accountability and transparency and applies a blanket approach to old crisis hit countries are due to all reports on the growing discontent with the system
their homes. the strings of europe's cash strapped confidence in the euro since three biggest lenders. notice the troika is wavering. in terms of debt to total potential role in terms of unemployment to raise us up where's now than before the trach intervention in the coffee bag please. made up of the international motif on to the eu the european central bank. the idea behind the troika was to get the most in depth seed eurozone nations on an even keel through bailouts and at times crippling austerity measures. violence became the first to leave the bailout program at the end of last year. not the full cut scene sixty billion euro from the budget seeing celery screens and twenty cents. in southern europe hopes of a flight to the end of the tunnel on tight. specially for the generation growing up troika. i'm going to school for two to four. so we are going to be facing at that large number of young people
i mean even in countries like greece or spain youth unemployment is over fifty percent. and these people have little prospect of getting a job. and achieving some sort of economic security. this is seen european low lake is called into question the utility of the troika to deal with the scale of the crisis comes to attack its methods the boycott takes like the acts like a big oven up and he sits its colonies in the sum of human tells them what to do. the measures they can outweigh that of a novel is very effective if the credibility of its economic forecasts has caused most of these ticket cost increase to two seats two hundred and fourteen billion euro loan and so on. in twenty eleven the troika predicted economic growth increase of one percent eleven the reality was a sense of the century. just a one off you might think. and in twenty twelve a predicted two percent growth which in
the delta's eighth of the full two cents down ten i was running for election to the european parliament this year say that the current systems in place to trying to deal with the crippling debts and some pulse of the eurozone. just on working with a new solution other than the troika will have to be found in the next column ends with some accusing the troika of trying to cover up its mistakes. there's quite a bit of propaganda going on right now and trying to make people believe that there is an improvement in those southern european countries effect is no improvement then i can see because that it's a case in this verse and then an answer the banking crisis is still a month result. the trauma auntie jen. also in germany some are still living in the shadows of the past a new report from the council of europe commission against racism and intolerance as the country's not doing enough to stand down discrimination and homophobia was so cross our leftovers from a sea captain who is in
germany for us. lucille what's in this new study. hi there will germany has to do more power to fight racism and intolerance that according to a new report by the council of europe the continent's leading human rights organization of this report accused germany of focusing too much on the threat posed by the far right and that's not that other forms of discrimination like racism or homophobia or somewhat overlooked this is largely in terms of post both of registering as well as prosecuting those kinds of crimes now the silver lining here is that germany has done a good job of lorraine young people away from the neo see it. the report also praises the country for a program that lets people apply for jobs anonymously in order to make sure that no one's creative work for a short origin when it comes to battling homophobia racism the report says the germany simply pass a lot more work to do one of the things that are recommends this tougher penalties for crimes against sexual religious or ethnic minorities as well as an
overhaul of the way in which germany registers these kinds of intense because right now there simply is the lack of confidence among victims in the german investigation process has resulted in many victims of racist or homophobic assault simply don't report them to the authorities as a major problem. this report says now he tells the viewer also took issue with germany's penal code like the legal system here. in many european union countries racial motivation for one example is considered as a factor in a quiet when passing sentence well not here in germany over here we show in us anyway she. part of racial incitement as was his speeches only punishable when someone is bound to have disturbed the peace something which is really quite difficult to prove an important law now. works every five years the recommendations aren't finding out what is up to individual countries to decide what if anything to do about it. the office of the report did say that intolerance is something the sea as growing all across
europe not just here in germany. are these things much for bringing us some more on this report was kept reporting there from berlin for us and let's move on to venezuela as a country continues to be plagued by nationwide street protests the us is expelled for each of its diplomats. this comes after president you are a warrior three american diplomats to leave his country accusing them of inciting the unrest at least fifteen people have been killed in rioting that started two weeks ago when demonstrators demanding the voodoo or resign over high level of crime and the stagnant economy but some experts believe the roots of that to sample the far beyond the country's borders the united states. china's for a very long time arizona's of the conservative government in colombia. both governments
in various ways whether it is by supporting our military is going into this ammonia or also with us on the government supporting opposition groups was standing on end with this statement for example in this case it appears that carried in which citizens to get up to the opposition a shot because of the others in their protests. even though it's clear that most of the paintings are on the environment and are seeking comfort dishes but the police. the arms sales are booming but there are also coming under heightened criticism the industry sold over ten billion dollars worth of weapons in twenty eleven and twenty twelve but is facing awkward questions over and pour into the tiling its use of the palestinian territories as testing grounds. art is falsely year has indeed house. i think there is a very a big elephant in whom it is noted very big fat no reality which is seldom spoken about and that's as far as most people clue when his tools on this
industry. the tile has a country the size of the american state of new jersey become the world's six largest exporter people don't really ask what was the what what what the of a small country in the case that it took the power of the of weapons. hilton feldman is a gentleness and to make a decent bbc's award winning documentary an ad in which he argues that israel's occupation of palestine and also to have such a post this weekend's industry. what are you over the world one hour with them which were tested on the ol' us of this they get the kids. in a real confident we have this live something we haven't availability of debt and availability of coffee in a villa built here for. it starts with the cousins. but the cases reviewed films have been hunting for palestinian elections and the hidden arms caches. making it all to go to country for unmanned aerial vehicles soon to become the world's largest exporter. on the defense find
the random system could escape uncertainties in the last possible. lining the pockets of these meaty ministry in castle complex nobody wants to talk about because everybody is empty and this is the area. some of the month. to put the stones over there appeared with a sunroof the idea fees that the limits of them. here's a funny scene in close combat team cars in the waistband have also given a space age weapons like the canyon and tumble i sold my films. and now something that even honey which is copping a gun that shoots around corners. and as controversial as his tools we spent family and is a state of the art security system is being copied in on america's borders with canada and mexico. i think and that is the most excitement the country because they are developing something this thing immediately in the field. so their
engineering. one interesting goes directly to the army and can see he is adored they develop its good enough three years of working on these documents be built on is adamant. there is the only weapon is rather successful that fourteen which the israeli army is not using the to do with them. he keeps the country with a lot to answer for. it's helpful bc teaching pilates arms industry has an interesting piece. because for as long as israel's hold on to the west bank and gaza. it has ended but people are finding tasting and showcasing equipment systems and industrial minutes he finds that remains. kira was the rt seven. james bond boasted on an active fire only when he himself was holding it as a board on our websites. eleven it is no longer the stuff of fiction and can actually be bought in american mortgage deals for new home. also they have sampling is yet another welcome claim to fame. a
watchdog reveals that the golden gate bridge saw a record number of suicides over the course of twenty thirteen at sonar teed up. i think it's deja vu with and you're probably iran however the torches half turn blue this time and the people caring them half to put much more effort into bringing claim to sochi than your previous answers the paralympic torch relay has begun in style for moral is that rusty is pretty loose kill those falling yesterday i rang a few so i did toss about what's happening was that this torch relay and specifically one is going to be much quicker this time well we only have a week and a half to get said reports from the five spot as the fire east of rusted steel waiting for the games agreed to take place in the place is in solitude and they will have to cover up the link and breadth of the entire country forty five cds the wooden fifteen hundred people are going to be involved and
still we're going to be ids were going to be seeing a rather impressive displays of high emotional physical and of course human interest when would they be looking at. not people with disabilities perform in some of the most amazing eyes sports in solitude but because they have such a short period of time to do this the organizers decided that's not to israelis will be happening single thing to sleep in several cities. at this point i'm so so on the wednesday was the far eastern cities that have been started at the relay. and by the end of next week we going to be seen again at the paralympic torch. i laid out in such a rush actually has traditionally performed rather well in paralympics in fact the kenyan second during the vancouver winter games and of course they are hoping that the russian athletes in the paralympic paralympics will be built to perform that feeds. the paralympic games
in seventy as well. was every something to look forward to hearing a thank you so much for bringing us the very latest on this overlay for the paralympics games which are about to start very very sick. i just knew he wouldn't you. the server program. it's especially good things. it's all trying to achieve is to get a suite of scientific instruments on the margins for this mobile platforms jor el and the scientific spirit. the seller over old curiosity actually is the most complicated most
complex and most capable system ever put on the surface of another plant effect it might be the most complex interplanetary explorer that we've ever developed. there are literally tens of thousands of parts. in order to do. due to launch operation cruise tomorrow. the descent and landing operations actually operate we feel confident that we've done everything and everything goes the way we've decided that we planned to meet built and tested it out we should be on the surface safely in the team will be cherished it was appointed to head in this. at the rumba healthcare and its heights. she is the first arab living in israel retains its position among only a handful and elites. dr study is also repeats the next activity achieved by only ten percent position. she's currently
offering a chapter in a prestigious look and feel. dr study has twice broken the proverbial glass ceiling i don't want him to attend a party to be ahead of the department the group of trade the stock to be in the early morning mist. this site you might expect to see him in nature reserve. this is it to the military training site in gemini. here is to grafton with a training area in bavaria. there is an abundance of wildlife military training sites which are often protected and many nato member states are serving as identify a deficit the military training areas throughout europe and north america are among the richest and most important sites will find that their city. often because they are that it's not open to the general . but also because if i am mental awareness and why stick to good use of natural resources is encouraged among soldiers military training areas are
increasingly recognized as sites of high biodiversity and large numbers of threatened and endangered species. exports from india its beans and nine. listen to it in fooling you into watching it in two thousand that the ufc is the main import of indian spices contributed sixteen points and up until the next week i fly to a site i know that nine percent annually and maybe share each week six but since it's sunday a baby on the menu she jumped on singapore and the uk. i don't need to destinations for beginning sports it is that the european union to open them on this commendable that the ongoing sovereign debt crisis and four great books despite these problems from the outside. the european union remains a very attractive club to join several countries are queuing up to become the state's
techie both me and herzegovina serbia and montenegro the eu remains committed to a partnership with each one of them. i also let him eat. it's not going or it's a story each day exclusive for any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington six enlightenment you have very active in your story continues here. seventeen with me. thanks to a doting advantage that i can't take that steely checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in the tx on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on
the m a c networks. windmill and moving more the fan the news. hundreds of turkish protesters took to the streets and clashed with police on tuesday night the istanbul and ankara to denounce what they believe to be in government corruption voice recordings have emerged to suggest prime minister are typically occur to one warrant is on the high tens of millions of dollars before police raids in the graft inquiry their reach to the government the recordings appeared two days after one speech the party officially began campaigning for local